Managing partners Paul Robinson and Bob Sowtis have worked together in the IT business since 1987. Together, they have developed their careers with the growth of the industry and the evolution of technical business needs. With a love for the business and a passion for giving back to it, they formed Corporate Oasis in 2007.

Being the business

To be adaptable and relevant in project management and business analysis, one has to grow and learn with the industry. Today’s Corporate Oasis is the result of two and a half decades of learning alongside the best and living through the development of today’s best practices.

The company is a multi-dimensional brand that utilizes 25 years of industry knowledge and a focus on the requirements and culture of the client to apply to company’s the three areas of expertise: project management, business analysis and service management.

Corporate Oasis has provided services to and worked with teams globally – including Canada, the United States, Brazil, Argentina, India and China. They’ve serviced and learned from some of the best businesses out there, including IBM, Telus and Air Canada.

The Promise

Corporate Oasis’ mission is to establish effective and long-term strategic relationships with our clients. The company believes in the deployment of the most cost-effective and schedule sensitive solutions in order to maximize organizational results.

Corporate Oasis presents solutions catered to the client’s individual needs and culture. All resources have worked personally with the managing partners or have been sourced from highly trusted peers. Resources are always backed by an emphasis on certification, professional development and an excellent support team.

The company delivers specialized work – Corporate Oasis has expertise within the project management, business analysis and service management fields and believes in focusing in on the areas in which it excels. Clients can always be confident in the knowledge this focus brings to the table.

If you’re looking for specialized, collaborative solutions contact Corporate Oasis today.