Practice Leadership

IT Practice Management Consulting

There is a certain irony that the problems many IT Leaders solve for a living are the same problems they themselves struggle with within their own IT organizations. While it’s a core goal for IT to document automate, integrate and control business and people processes, IT organizations often struggle to develop and apply these practices within their own departments.

This management challenge expands as practice areas grow and silos develop and deepen. The implications to an organization tend to include cost and scheduling over runs, missed performance targets, low morale and high-turnover rates to name a few.

Corporate Oasis consults with IT Leaders to design and implement an integrated management framework within the IT department. Where appropriate, we introduce our Oasis Connected Frameworks Approach to help structure the process. We work primarily with CIO’s, Practice Leaders and Service Delivery Managers within Calgary and Vancouver corporations.

Contact us to learn more about our Oasis Connected Frameworks Approach or to request a needs assessment for your organization.