Delivering Business Value through IT Services

The Corporate Oasis solution is the customized solution. No matter what your individual business needs are, we structure our proposals around what’s best for you and your company. We take into account the client’s culture and apply it to what we do best: project management, business analysis and service management.

We deliver business value through IT by utilizing the following objectives:

  • Optimization of capital and operating financial resources and funding models through Total Cost of Ownership metrics
  • Encouraging and supporting corporate governance models
  • Alignment of resources to business demands and provisioning of new functionality to meet corporate objectives
  • Implementation of measureable and sustainable quality metrics in order to provide ongoing service improvement models for our client’s customer base

Integrated IT Management Frameworks, Processes and Tools

It is our mission to collaboratively enhance business services through integrated and continuous improvement frameworks. This principle has resulted in the creation of the Oasis Connected Framework (OCF)™ model which provides an adaptable, scalable, and sustainable roadmap for the ongoing delivery of services to your customers:

  • Organizing Business Analysis and Governance
  • Aligning Business Analysis and Human Resource Management
  • Solutioning Project Management, Service Management, and Enterprise Architecture
  • Implementing Project Management and Service Management
  • Supporting Service Management and Quality Management