Applied Business Relationship Management Fundamentals


Course: Applied Business Relationship Management (BRM) Fundamentals

Components: Interactive Classroom Workshop (16 hours)



In this time of reduced budgets and organizational change, many organizations are challenged with finding ways to deliver services in a highly constrained and competitive environment.

In some cases, this may result in the requirement for Service Providers to identify, nurture and manage new relationships between their organization and their corresponding customer base.  Customer demand management, service provider value harvesting, and trusted relationships are recognized as key components to these relationships and form the basis of the ‘Business Relationship Management’ (BRM) discipline.

In order to assist Service Providers in the realization of this value, Corporate Oasis has established the ‘Applied BRM Fundamentals’ training program.


Target Environment

This offering is intended for organizations that:

  • Wish to establish an internal culture of ‘Service Provider – Customer’ relationships
  • Plan to embark upon the creation of Business Relationship Management (BRM) roles, services and a common service language
  • Are looking to avoid common, potential pitfalls in the establishment of a BRM culture
  • Have a need to identify the current relationship maturity level and pain points


Intended Audience

This course is intended for individuals that:

  • Work in a ‘Service Provider’ domain (eg: HR, IT, Legal, Accounting, etc)
  • Have been tasked to build and nurture Service Provider – Customer relationships
  • Require a foundational knowledge of the art and discipline of Business Relationship Management (BRM)
  • Wish to obtain a solid footing for future BRM Management education and certification.



Students should have exposure to the Service Provider’s domain of knowledge; however there are no specific BRM related prerequisites for this course.


Learning Objectives

Students will obtain the foundational knowledge required to understand the discipline of Business Relationship Management, obtain access to the BRM common language and understand the core capabilities that could potentially lead to a subsequent career in Business Relationship Management.

The Course will consist of:

  • Overview of BRM Key Concepts:
    • Detailed overview of the BRM role, concepts, capabilities and disciplines
    • BRM vs Customer Relationship Management (CRM)
    • Identify common pitfalls in BRM adoption
    • Review of industry examples of BRM success / failure 
  • In-Class Workshops (Making it ‘Real’):
    • Identification of current relationship maturity levels, constraints and challenges
    • Guided group exercise relating to pain points
    • Identify solution options and recommendations
    • Identify risks to BRM execution and models for success 
  • Post-Class Deliverables:
    • Student mentoring (1:1 and team)
    • Submission of report to management 

Upon successful completion of the course, the participants will learn:

•   Overview What is Business Relationship Management as a discipline
•   Key Concepts Understand the concepts, skills, capabilities of a Business Relationship Manager
•   Risks How to anticipate and respond to potential relationship risks
•   Maturity models How to determine the maturity level of their current relationships
•   Communications Relationships, communications and effective meetings
•   Conflict Methods of identifying and managing conflict in a business relationship
•   Leadership How to create a Service Provider relationship culture


Classroom Training

The scope of the classroom training includes the following:

  • 16 hours of onsite, instructor-led training
  • Class slide deck
  • Workshop notes, observations and action items
  • Class Templates and Notes
  • In class student / team workshops


Post Classroom Mentoring

Upon completion of the 2 day classroom environment, the students also receive the following:

  • Up to 10 hours of onsite team mentoring post-class within 30 days of the classroom sessions
  • Focus is on further refinement, and understanding, of classroom education pertaining to their role
  • A report is submitted to the education sponsor including:
    • Overview of training topics covered
    • Specific reference by the students regarding their ‘real world’ examples
    • Results from the 10 hours of onsite mentoring
    • Observations and recommendations


Class Material (Physical)

The following material is provided for the students as post-class reference. Note that although these texts provide Business Relationship Management information in the terms of Information Technology, the material is highly portable to any Service Provider domain:


Value and Flexibility

The base price per student is C$1,200.00 however discounted rates are available for larger classes. This can be discussed with your local Corporate Oasis representative. The following outlines the additional value resulting from this offering:

  • Each student will receive a $100 discount coupon for our BRM Professional Certification class
  • Our instructors provide up to 10 hours of complementary mentoring within 30 days of the class completion
  • Components of your current processes, templates and methodology can be embedded into the training based on the specific needs of each environment
  • All courses are provided in an interactive classroom format by a senior BRM instructor
  • Session schedules can be modified to suit your needs.
  • Discounts available for students who have already obtained the reference textbooks 

The course:

  • Assumes onsite instruction
  • Includes 10 hours of onsite mentoring
  • Conducted over 2 consecutive days


BRM Course Roadmap

The following tables provide an overview of how each course offering relates to the various target audiences:




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