Course: Cybersecurity Fundamentals

Components: Online – Instructor Led (16 hours)



Crime occurs at the intersection of Means, Motive, and Opportunity. Cybercriminals already have the Means and Motive, however there is much that your organization can do to limit the Opportunity exposure. Furthermore, many of these individuals have become very mature in their attempts to exploit corporate vulnerabilities, whether they be technical or behavioural. In order to assist our customers regarding Cybersecurity awareness, we have established the ‘Cybersecurity Fundamentals’ training track which is intended for organizations that:

  • Are looking to embark upon a Cybersecurity strategy
  • Wish to avoid potential risks and issues based on prior industry experiences
  • Require an understanding of the fundamental areas of awareness to be assessed when considering a Cybersecurity strategy
  • Obtain awareness related to cost considerations (Capital and Operating)
  • Building a ‘Cybersecurity Business Case’
  • Identify areas of environmental readiness gaps and corresponding gap closure options
  • Identify potential impacts to IT culture and staffing
  • Gain awareness regarding potential security considerations and certification options


The Student Experience

The scope of the online training includes the following:

  • 16 hours of online, instructor-led training
  • Class Templates and Notes will be provided to guide the student through the course
  • Up to 10 hours of team mentoring post-class within 30 days of the classroom sessions – This will focus is on further refinement, and understanding, of classroom education pertaining to their projects
  • A report is submitted to the education sponsor including:
      • Overview of training topics covered
      • Specific reference by the students regarding their ‘real world’ examples
      • Results from the 10 hours of onsite mentoring
      • Observations and recommendations


Value and Flexibility

The base price per student is C$1,150.00 however discounted rates are available for larger classes and can be discussed with your local Corporate Oasis representative – The following outlines the additional value resulting from this offering:

  • Our instructors provide 10 hours of free mentoring over 30 days per customer per class
  • Components of your processes, templates and methodology can be embedded into the training based on the specific needs of each environment
  • All courses are provided in an online format by a senior instructor
  • Session schedules can be modified to suit your needs





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