Course: Agile Strategy and Productivity

Components: Online – Instructor Led (16 hours)

Meet your Instructor: John Hetherington – Drawing on 25 years’ technology strategy development and delivery experience from the UK and Canada, John will educate on how to implement industry best practices for creating strategies, boosting effectiveness and leveraging technology for future proof growth.


Digital Transformation is shaping the future of businesses yet 70% of all Digital Transformations fail to reach their goals. No leader can ignore the onslaught of AI, Blockchain, mobile, big data, cloud computing and the like but these technologies require a new set of skills. Innovation, or lack thereof, affects every aspect of an organization. It is the basis of any effort and action that aims to create a future-proof, sustainable company. Conversely failure to innovate will inevitably result in loss of market share and eventually irrelevance as they lag too far behind to catch up. Much innovation is directed at improving existing products and services. However, the big breakthroughs in performance come from changing or “disrupting” the existing business model. It is not always about doing things better but about doing things differently.

This course will help you identify ways to increase your impact as business professional. During John’s interactive session, he will work through case studies using his Digital Transformation Roadmap so attendees can learn how to set-up, deliver and get value from their technology initiatives. As we work through the roadmap, John will lead the group through exercises that solidify the theory using his industry and consulting experience and leave participants with practical tools and techniques.

By the end of the course, you will be able to:

  • Understand the potential impact of innovation
  • Evaluate the risk and rewards of innovation that makes the most sense for your organization or team
  • Identify innovation roadblocks in your team and company-wide and develop solutions and action plans to overcome them using practical tools and techniques.
  • Explain and apply the Digital Transformation value matrix
  • Establish a culture of innovation that gets results
  • Implement creative problem solving through homogenous and heterogenous team collaborations to ignite innovation
  • Apply the Digital Transformation Roadmap to your organization’s initiatives
  • Apply the Trusted Advisor Framework to raise your profile and further your career
  • Identify and explain technology accelerators of Digital Transformation.
  • Design a robust process for managing innovation and digital initiatives while balancing the demands of day to day operations and cost restraints


Pre-Course Preparation

Before you embark, start with the end in mind. What problems do you need to solve? You will receive pre-work to help you identify problems, projects and initiatives in your organization at an individual, team, department or organization level that you want to address as you go through the programme. Optional reading materials will also be shared in advance for recommended books, articles and online resources to broaden the learning experience.

The Student Experience

The scope of the online training includes the following:

  • 16 hours of online, instructor-led training
  • Class Templates and Notes will be provided to guide the student through the course
  • Our instructors provide 1 hour of individual mentoring within the 30 days following the class. This will focus is on further refinement, and understanding, of classroom education pertaining to their projects
  • A report is submitted to the education sponsor including:
      • Overview of training topics covered
      • Specific reference by the students regarding their ‘real world’ examples
      • Results from the 1 hour of individual mentoring
      • Observations and recommendations


Value and Flexibility

The base price per student is C$1,150.00 however discounted rates are available for larger classes and can be discussed with your local Corporate Oasis representative. Canada Job Grants may be available where the government contributes two-thirds of the cost of our course costs – contact us for more details.

The following outlines the additional value resulting from this offering:

  • Our instructors provide 1 hour of individual mentoring within the 30 days following the class.
  • Components of your processes, templates and methodology can be embedded into the training based on the specific needs of each environment
  • All courses are provided in an online format by a senior instructor
  • Session schedules can be modified to suit your needs





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