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Preparing for the Exam

Why take the online PMP® Certification Exam Preparation Course from Corporate Oasis?

  • Award winning methodology and materials
  • Over 95% pass rate
  • Direct contact with industry experts
  • Course time counts towards PMI Education Credits
  • Globally recognized
  • Exam simulator looks and feels like the real thing
Why the PMP® Certification matters to you

The Project Management Professional (PMP®) certification is the most highly recognized and sought after recognition for project managers. Successful completion of the PMP® certification exam is a direct representation of your project management knowledge and skills.

Passing the Project Management Professional examination will improve your attractiveness to employers and typically garner you a higher salary. Certified Project Management professionals are in high demand.

How difficult is the exam?

The Project Management Professional certification requires you to meet the education and experience requirements along with passing the PMP® Examination.

The Project Management Professional (PMP®) examination consists of a 200-question, multiple- choice test. Make no mistake, it is a difficult exam to pass. Success on the examination typically takes more than 40 hours of preparation, regardless of your past education or project management experience.

It is highly recommended that you maximize your time spent on quality study guides and courses. Take your time and thoroughly study the PMP® training materials before taking the exam. 200 questions are a lot. You’ll need to know your materials inside and out.

How will the exam preparation course help you pass?

The PMP® Certification exam preparation course from Corporate Oasis helps you pass by giving you the exact knowledge and tools you need. The online training content and practice exam simulations are at your disposal for months after the course.

No one offers a more complete solution for conquering the PMP® Designation than Corporate Oasis’ PMP® Certification Exam Preparation Course.

The learning package

To give you the best possible chance of passing the PMP® Certification Exam, we are pleased to offer the most comprehensive learning package available.

We leverage the expertise of RMC Learning Solutions, a leading training provider to give you exactly what you need to know and retain to conquering the exam. There is no better training available.

Online exam simulation – available for 6 months

The PMP® Certification Exam can be an intimidating challenge for any Project Management Professional. It’s also one of the most important designations, as PMP® certified professionals are highly sought after by potential employers and have significantly higher earning potential on average.

We believe that one of the best methods for preparing for the exam is to practice what it will be like to take the actual exam. We offer an exclusive online exam simulator with exactly the types of questions you’ll be asked during your exam. With six months of additional access, you’ll be more than ready when it comes time to conquer the Project Management Professional Certification Examination.

35 education credits

In order to take the PMP® Certification Exam you are required to earn 35 education hours. Our exam preparation course provides you with all 35 of the required education hours while also fully preparing you with our award-winning materials and real-world experiences.
We stand behind our training!

Our student pass rate for the PMP® exam is consistently over 95%. If, however, you happen to not pass on your first try we would be pleased to welcome you to retake the class at absolutely no charge within your 6-month class window.

How can an online class benefit you?

Online eLearning may be the greatest revolution in today’s education landscape:

  • Convenience and Flexibility:
    • Take the class when it best suits your schedule. Classes are self-paced…Take the sessions when YOU want – 7/24!
    • Live outside of a major metropolitan area? Tired of the daily commute? Travelling? No problem…Take the class from wherever you want!
    • Classes are NEVER cancelled
  • Focus and Comfort:
    • Allows you the time to focus and concentrate on areas that are important to you
    • Some students may feel intimidated by large classes and can miss opportunities to participate – You can feel at home with our online classes
    • Re-play portions of the session when and where you require additional focus
  • Global Interaction:
    • Our classes are available worldwide - Become part of a global community of students!
See what our students have to say

"The PMP® Exam Prep course from Corporate Oasis was great. Our instructor helped us to understand the material, and the unique perspective of PMI in asking questions on the test."
Tim D. Manager, Agribusiness Industry

“The pricing compared to other courses is great value. Also, I think the online training and exam simulator was a very good bonus!”
Shamez K. Software Industry

Selecting the Corporate Oasis Boot Camp was the best decision for my journey in obtaining my PMP® Certification. This course provided me with the solid foundation required for passing the exam. I would highly recommend this course for anyone looking to obtain their PMP® Credential.”
Shalini J. Management Consultant

The Corporate Oasis team and experience gave me confidence to write the exam. I recommend Corporate Oasis to others looking for a winning formula to achieve the PMP® on their first try!”
Frank F. Oil & Gas Industry


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Includes everything you need to pass the PMP®

Here’s what you get:

  • A 16-module interactive tutorial
  • More than 200 interactive games and quizzes
  • 1,600+ practice exam questions with included FASTrack® Cloud exam simulator
  • More than 10 hours of professionally-narrated audio (with audio transcripts)
  • Online viewing of the PMP® Exam Prep textbook
  • Study tips and a lesson specifically focused on passing on the FIRST try
  • A comprehensive Document Library of downloadable and printable items—Study Plan, Gap Analysis, Process Chart and more!
  • Unlimited timed and scored practice exams
  • A digital version of practice flashcards
  • Pre- and Post-Testing
  • Unlimited 24/7 access
  • Earn all 35 Contact Hours toward PMI’s PMP® Exam requirement


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