icon_pm Business Analysis

It’s all about your Business

At Corporate Oasis, we work with you to create a business case for your IT initiative in terms of a variety of financial models (TCO, ROI, etc).

Once a project is approved to proceed, our dedicated team delivers:

  • Recommendations for the most important requirements and ongoing tracing business requirements
  • A detailed outline of everything from inception and lifecycle to production and new business requirements in a cycle of continuous improvement
  • Support in the shift from prescriptive thinking (your business must do it this way) to subscriptive thinking (what works best for your business)
  • Collaboration with all stakeholders to determine, analyze, validate and communicate the requirements for changes and development of business processes, policies and systems

We utilize best practice business analysis approaches as defined by the International Institute for Business Analysis (IIBA). Our approach ensures that the project requirements remain aligned with your business requirements by:

  • Maintaining a focus on Business Needs through tight communication with project sponsorship
  • Continual stakeholder reviews to ensure that the project remains aligned to your changing business
  • Establishing requirements tracing with designers, developers, testers and sustainers
  • Publishing artifacts for future use

We remain dedicated to the success of your business case – in our business, your business comes first.