icon_pm Project Management

Deliverables and beyond

At Corporate Oasis, we have the knowledge, skills and resources to provide end-to-end services for the delivery of your Portfolio, Program, and Project Management corporate initiatives. Through the integration of our Project Management, Business Analysis and Service Management, we ensure your projects remain business-driven, scope-managed, and risk-mitigated.

We believe that a project is not completed when the services and product are delivered, but when you, the customer, are satisfied that the results can be managed going forward in a sustainable manner.

We adapt to your business

In our business, your business comes first. Our philosophies are charged by what is best for our clients’ individual needs. We believe in:

  • Identifying the optimal approach to any project early, as each has its own set of challenges, constraints and risks.
  • A balance of best-of-breed frameworks and methodologies to deliver based on your culture.
  • Embracing industry-accepted best practices and applying the best combination to each project.

Change means change

The delivery of each project ultimately results in a change to the way your environment landscape is shaped. The new services and products that require operational sustainment now represent a new ‘current state’ for new initiates to launch from. Managing this change within the organization is often overlooked, and with significant consequences.

We ensure that the Project produces artifacts, establishing a foundation for the success of future projects. We do this by:

  • Providing an Enterprise view to change
  • Ensuring that all Project collateral is available for future retrospectives
  • Supplying successful operational transition and sustainability
  • Providing traceability between all aspects of requirements and design, development, testing, and support