Service Management

Projects end, services don’t

A Project ends when the individuals who are responsible to inherit the resulting services and products know what to do in order to sustain them. The project is only the first part of the continuous lifecycle -sustainment past the project completion is critical to business success.

Sustainment covers a broad range of accountabilities including:

  • Managing to agreed upon service levels
  • Ensuring the Service Desk can provide support to the business
  • Ensuring that ongoing security, privacy, and governance parameters are met as dictated by the business
  • Providing the necessary resiliency and recovery necessary for the product to continually provide value

Our Service Management foundations are built on the Information Technology Infrastructure Library methodology, which is a proven tried-and-true world-wide industry standard. We recognize that operational transition is so vital that we resolve to incorporate it into all of our projects.

The Service Management Maturity Approach

In order to ensure that projects have a ‘hand to shake with’ as part of the operational transition process, we also provide IT Service Management as an offering.

This approach will:

  • Assess the Service Management maturity within your organization
  • Assist with a Service Management maturity roadmap based on your specific corporate culture
  • Identify short-term wins
  • Collaboratively create and execute a Service Management gap closure initiative
  • Provide processes for ongoing maturity

The key benefits of our ITSM consulting solutions include:

  • Improved Human and Technology resource utilization
  • Decreased rework or redundant work
  • Minimized need for new changes due to failed changes
  • Ensure that tangible costs are mapped to measurable services
  • Maintaining a focus on business needs, not technology
  • Improved availability, performance, and security of services provided by IT